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Meet founders, Kaija and Paul

After 20 years in the professional house cleaning business, passionate husband and wife team, Kaija and Paul Kangas retired with an ambitious goal and a steadfast commitment.

Inspired by the belief that every home should be clean and safe, free from toxic chemical cleaners, Kaija and Paul embarked on a journey to help home owners and families establish health-safe environments.

They both wanted a safe, affordable and effective eco-friendly natural cleaner brand that will actually work! Our story began with a simple desire and the idea for Purest was born.

Discover Simplicity and Convenience.

We are thrilled to introduce a brand that offers some of the most thoughtfully designed, innovative and safest products available. Our single-minded focus on high performance cleaning has created a range of products that clean your home entirely with plant power, fewer warning labels, and formulas that are always safe for the mess makers (not the mess). Our no nonsense, how to videos are adapted for each product and will explain step by step how to Pro-Clean fast and effectively in a systematic, high quality way.

Purest Home Essentials is the one stop shop for health and enviro conscious consumer. Our products and system are unique and have been tested over the years, time after time.

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