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Purest Deep Cleaning Pro-Mop Combo

You strive to make your home a safe haven for your family and try to avoid tracking in pollution, pesticides, dirt and debris from outside. But even under the best circumstances, the floors of your home can harbor pollutants, chemicals, dust and bacteria.

The Purest Deep Cleaning Pro-Mop Combo includes everything needed for easy and safe cleaning of your hard surface floors. It is designed to clean hard floors simply and quickly. The Deep Clean Pro-Mop’s heavy-duty, smart design and light aluminum base makes cleaning floors effortless. Microfiber Mop Head’s special weave and long fibres break up dirt and grab grease and bacteria, which ordinary mops leave behind. Adjustable handle extends to 72” eliminating needless bending  and also makes cleaning under and behind sofas, beds and other large furniture much easier, giving your home a deep, powerful clean. Pro-Mop comes with a 10-Year full replacement guarantee against manufacturer defects.