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Purest Essential Oils and Oil Blends take you on a journey that can instantly soothe and enliven both the mind and spirit. Our Essential Oils are pure, 100% natural, undiluted essences, extracted directly from a variety of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, roots, herbs, and spices. Through on-going relationships with our ethical producers around the globe we are able to bring premium quality, Certified Essential Oils directly to you.

Invigorate your senses when you shop our Single Essential Oils collection. Through the oils’ innate simplicity, you may experience a boost of mental clarity, a flood of complete calm, silky smooth skin… all derived from the purest sources for more mindful, joyful living. Relax, renew, and restore your body and mind with potent mixtures of herbs, flowers, seeds, roots, and spices. Apply our Essential Oil Blends topically or diffuse them throughout the home.


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Customer Testimonials

  • "I met Purest Company at the local Christmas Market. This is the best company I've found for essential oils. I was always tired and had no energy and it was mostly due to not enough sleep. Now I use Purest Clarity and Energize blend to keep me on the go with plenty of energy and when it's time to sleep, I diffuse Purest Sweet Dreams or Lavender oils to give me the calm I need to sleep peacefully. Now my whole family is using them. Love you PUREST!!"

    Rhonda Higgins
  • "I recently received my order for the Immune Strength and the smell is fantastic!! Soon after l was exposed to someone with a nasty cold. I did not get that persons cold!! So happy l made this purchase."

    Sue O’Donnell
  • "Love Purest oils! Less expensive than MLM brands, come in bigger bottles and just as effective if not better! I had a cold sore starting up yesterday and remembered I had the Peppermint oil. I placed some on my cold sore and now it’s almost gone! I am a customer for life!"

    Serene Thomas
  • "I highly recommend Purest Essential Oils. Excellent quality! I diffuse them, or blend them with their Fractionated Coconut Oil to make face and body lotions. In the winter our skin gets so dry and we itch like crazy. I have tried homemade creams, various store bought lotions and everything else without any relief. Since starting using their organic Fractionated Coconut oil and blended it with Tea Tree oil, we don't have this problem. Never want to run out of them!"

    Shannon Meadows
  • "Shipping was fast. The oils are wonderful! Prices are fair for the high quality and bigger bottle sizes. Thank you PUREST!!"

    Nancy Lee
  • "I am newer to essential oils. I was looking for a company that was not just trying to make sales, but really cared about its product and customers. During my research process I ran across Purest Company. After reading so much on the company founders and their products I decided to email with questions. The response I got was very timely, very friendly, informative and without high pressure sales pitch! They suggested the Muscle Soothe roll - on for the knee pain I was having. I purchased some at the local Health Show and have now been using the Muscle Soothe oil before and after runs. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  I highly recommend this oil and look forward to trying their other oils as well!"

    Mike Ortego
  • "Just received my first order and I must say I am super impressed with the oils itself and how quickly they arrived!!! They came wrapped super well so nothing broke in transit.... I love this company, thank you!"

    Joanna Walker
  • "I’ve used oils from many different companies and recently started using Purest oils. I love Energize blend the most! A great company with wonderful oils - 100% pure, authentic and therapeutic... No multi-level stuff, fast shipping, informative information on how to use. Great product. I would definitely order more soon!"

    Tara Cavanaugh
  • "All essential oils I purchased from Purest smell fantastic! I use them mainly in a diffuser but also with Fractionated Coconut Oil on my skin. I searched very long for a quality like that. The name ... “Purest Company” really drew my attention to investigate their product. The name suits the fresh and gentle oils that provide total comfort and relaxation and provide a toxic-free environment that smells delightful all the time. I love your company to pieces!!!"

    Kayla Pelz
  • "A fellow mama inspired me to start using Purest oils. I love the fast shipping & the quality of the oils. Today I left my diffuser on while I went to the gym, came home to the awesome scent of Joy, my favorite oil. You can’t go wrong with PUREST!!!!"

    Amy Gallant
  • "I decided to research oils for hormone and cortisol balance...problem was there are soooo many companies. I spoke with my massage therapist who is all natural and asked which oils she uses. She recommended Basil and Clary Sage from Purest Company Oils over some (clear my throat) other well-known oils because of price, quality, or pyramid selling....just buy your oils! I am thoroughly pleased at the quality and shipping time too. I am going to be a lifetime customer!"

    Karen Smith
  • "I love the all purpose cleaner, how it cleans without leaving streaks or residue. I also use their organic floor cleaner on our laminate flooring, which cleans the dog paw marks off well. The cleaning products have a nice and pleasant scent. I am impressed at how well they clean for an organic, all natural product. I also have some of the essential oils, my favourite being citrus passion. I found the pricing is really reasonable. Highly recommend their products!"

    Nina Jokinen
  • "I was so pleased with how well purest cleaners worked. As a busy mom with a full day home, I need to know my surfaces are clean, and safe from chemicals. Purest gives me a piece of mind, and a clean home at the same time!"

    Jessica Jamieson
  • "I absolutely love the cleaning products!! They are the only natural cleaning product I have used that WORKS!! I use the all-purpose cleaner on everything!!! Love it!!"

    Amy Montgomery
  • I love the cleaning product! It cleans well leaving no residue or soap scum. I especially love having the peace of mind that it contains nothing but pure ingredients and is safe for my family to use.

    Jana Johnson
  • Very impressed with the Glass and Surface Cleaner. I haven’t tied all the other ones just yet but i would suggest you all try it!

    Dale Klatt